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With & Without

by arushi jain

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  • With & Without (GOLEM Edition)
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    Limited edition cassette of With & Without by OSE, containing the original 4 tracks on the album as well as bonus GOLEM remixes.

    Track 1 | I Feel Incomplete
    Track 2 | Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence
    Track 3 | Just Like A Dragonfly
    Track 4 | Is It Love
    Track 5 | I Feel Incomplete Without Sound (GOLEM Remix)
    Track 6 | Is It Love (GOLEM Remix)

    Golem is a contemporary dance performance pioneering the human body through the virtual space. This joint-institution, international, and interdisciplinary research project explores the dancing body through technologies such as motion-capture sensors, virtual reality headsets, digital avatars, and the physical stage to wield a narrative between man and machine. The resulting work seeks to question the human body’s engagement, sensorial response, and viewership with advanced technologies in the fields of virtual design and dance.

    Together a cross-disciplinary team from (of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern | Virtual Design, Ghunghru (San Francisco, California) and Carly Lave forged in December 2018 to envision new methodologies of using motion-capture technology and virtual reality in a performance space.

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    The sleeve contains beautiful artwork prints for every track by Aishwarya Vardhana & Will Hamilton.

    Includes unlimited streaming of With & Without via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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i feel incomplete, unaware, undone, insecure i feel so incomplete i will never be without sound be without music i will never be complete
drown out the noise with your silence listen to the echoes of your own laughter listen to the reverberations of your own heart in quiet there is space to listen to your own
my face pressed up against foggy windowpanes searching for dragonflies look, how pretty are they dancing in the rain tiny dragonflies dragonflies, dancing around lotuses in the rain, in the rain and then we dance
Is it love? 09:06
yes, it is.


When I first started writing this album, I started with the intention of taking my hindustani classical roots and giving it a new home, a new skin, a new soul. I’ve been deeply entranced by this idea of taking ragas and transforming them into something others can understand. In many ways, a lot of my work is aiming to make this artform more accessible, more understood, more appreciated.

My music is all inspired by the ragas I grew up singing. Sometimes it’s intentional, where I’ll start with a raga and compose within its compositional rules. Some other times, I’ll just let my voice take me to an alternative place, where my muscle memory would kick in resulting in stuff that just comes pouring out in all these different scales.

Intuitively my compositional styles navigated towards what they had always been for my whole life, only this time with different instruments. How can I make my synth a sitar?

This is an album about being vulnerable with what you hear, about being open to coalescing different worlds into each other in a way that might not be done before. I have a diversity of sounds here - works that are more slow, strange, experimental, emotional and durational, to works that are more fast, expected, melodic, lush, and physical.

All these songs, are ragas reinterpreted.

I Feel Incomplete is inspired by Raag Bhairav
Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence is inspired by Raag Bheempalasi
Just Like A Dragonfly is inspired by Raag Aasavari
Is It Love is inspired by Raag Bihag

In addition to the hindustani classical, there is some experimentation with western classical concepts like harmonization, which does not exist in hindustani music at all.

I didn’t always follow the rules of the ragas, I’m sure those who know this art can hear that, and maybe purists won't approve. But, I do not call this pure hindustani classical. Instead, this is a strange twisted 21st century interpretation of an ancient artistic practice - personally rejuvenated under the influence of many musical movements that are thriving worldwide that didn’t necessarily originate in India. My instrumentation includes my modular synths (the only instrument besides my voice that I've truly feel one with), my voice, my digitakt, and a lot of samples of the world that have been created and curated with care.


released September 5, 2019

So much love to Mamma, Papa, Avarna, Pranati and Ananmay.

Much love to Shatrunjai Rai Dewan, Aishwarya Vardhana, Carly Lave, David Grunzweig, Eugenia Puglisi, Manaal Oomerbhoy, Saguna Goel, Aya Darwazeh, Alka Nath, Tyrel Williams, Keshav Ramaswami, Trijeet Mukhopdhyay, and all the humans who have continuously supported, inspired and pushed me.

Lyrics by Arushi Jain
Composed & Produced by Arushi Jain
Album Art by Aishwarya Vardhana
Mixed by Arushi Jain & Its Own Infinite Flower at Room G in San Francisco
Mastered by Mark Pistel at Room 5 in San Francisco


all rights reserved



arushi jain India

instagram: @modularprincess

Twitter: @modularprincess


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